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The game that makes your friends

shit their pants

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Discover the best party game of... poop battles?!

This Game Is Shit is a simple yet strategic card game that is a perfect entry level game for you and all your friends. Yes, even for the one that moans and complains every time you suggest a new game. You can learn the rules in about 3 minutes and immediately jump into thrilling rounds, where who finishes with clean pants, will rise to glory!

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The Cards

In This Game Is Shit you will find a deck made of 14 unique types of cards, divided into 5 categories.

Each card will allow you to attack your friends' stomach or defend yourself to be the sole commander of your belly.

Poop them all and win the game!

Outrageously Milky Milkshake Card

Intestinal Attacks

Intestinal attacks fill your opponents' stomachs with poop producing foods. 

When you play them, you force your opponents to draw poop cards.

Liquid Lava Card


Virus cards are very strong attacks that trigger at the end of the victim's turn.

Place them in front of your opponents to get them closer to full poop explosion.

The Porcelain Throne Card


Evacuation cards allow you to discard poop cards and reduce the pressure in your stomach.

Go to the bathroom in the proper way and avoid pooping yourself.



Remedies are perfect to prevent or cancel the effects of Attack Cards. There are specific remedies for Virus Cards and Intestinal Attacks, so never feel too safe. 

Cut The Line Card


Tools are... tools! They are used to annoy your opponents by stealing some of their cards or stopping their Evacuation Cards, but also to get some advantages.

Mysterious Card

Plus a mysterious
Special Card

There's one more thing... One special thing... One secret thing!

We cannot say more because we want you to discover this card and its special effects during your first play.

And no, you won't find anything in the rule sheet either. It's top secret, we told you.

How to play

How to play

The rules are quite easy, so this is the perfect game for quick game sessions, even with that boring friend that never wants to learn new games. You can do it, man!

Your aim is to eliminate all your opponents by making them draw enough poop cards to make them reach the critical mass.

Critical mass means brown pants. Brown pants means you are out of the game.

1. Make hard choices

At the beginning of each turn you make a choice: you draw two cards, but you can only keep one. Do you prefer to add a strong attack to your hand or maybe it's better to prepare some defence for hard times?

There is no obvious choice. Study the best strategy for your situation. Sometimes it's better to attack with no mercy, other times it will be better to strenghten your defences.  


Every turn is a story in itself.

2. Play all the cards you want

In your turn you can play all the cards you desire, the only limit is that you are not allowed to play more than one intestinal attack to each opponent. 

Try to eliminate your opponents one after the other by making them reach the critical mass. 

When a player reaches their critical mass, their buttocks can't hold it in anymore and they will... color their underpants brown!
And be out of the game.

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